Herobrine, as you all know, is very elusive. Sometimes he is in the game, sometime he's been removed. Sometimes he exists, sometimes he don't. Sometimes he is in many places at once. We are clearly dealing with a quantum phenomenon here.

We, the quantum computing mod team, will use this information and our new tools to try and put an end to his reign of terror. More below.

Ok, so we're gonna need some serious power to track him down, and capture him. This will be a big project, and will require several stages.

There will be lists of items here. Various contraptions and devices that needs to be done. The first person that submits a video or a picture, or blueprint, or something that can be verified to work as intended, will have his username (or whatever name he wants) published next to the item in the list, along with the media he provided us.

Devs may not participate.

Stage 1 - preparation

We will start by building a system that works with 4 qubit words. In other words, a system that works with 4 qubits at a time. No more, no less.

1) Add four and four together

We need a 4-qubit quantum adder with carry. It needs to be able to add two 4 qubit words and return another 4 qubit word - and (preferably) be able to handle overflow in a smart way. Only 0's and 1's should be processed.

2) Storage

We need to be able to store at least 16 qubits of data. It must be possible to read and write to the memory (four qubits at a time), and flush it (remove all the information currently stored).

3) Long distance communication

We need the prototype of a cross-dimensional 4-qubit quantum channel. It needs to start in the overworld, pass through the nether, through a nether portal, then back up into the overworld through another portal. There is a video of that somewhere in the forums btw. Also - you can't just build portals. You need to do the nether coordinate conversion thing to get it right.

4) Entaglement

We need a circuit that can create four qubit entangled states.