General InformationEdit

The info and tutorials contents is divided up into courses and workshops.


Quantum teleportation. An artistic interpretation by Byamarro.

These courses are not meant to teach quantum computing in its entirety. The purpose is to take someone from zero background to being able to understand the basics, and maybe pick up a real book later and be able to understand what's going on.


In these courses we study quantum circuits. The goal of these courses is to teach quantum computing to a person who has no prior experience.


Block A - Circuit basics

Block B - Quantum computing theory and intermediate level circuits

Block C - Quantum computing math (under construction)

Block D - Quantum computing final course

Workshops - get praticalEdit

Workshops teaches you to do specific circuits. They are normally done step-by-step, and include videos and graphics to make things easier to understand.

Easy means you don't really need any prior knowledge in quantum computing, but it might be good to have done course A, which is essentially just an overview of the various different blocks and items in the mod.

BB84 - Quantum key distribution (easy)