These are adventure maps made using the quantum computing mod.

The Matrix AdventureEdit

In this map you will explore some ruins on a tropical island. To complete the map you need to get inside a temple and loot some emeralds. There are many doors in the way, and you will have to solve puzzles to open these doors.

The puzzles are "overtly mathematical", meaning you often have to do stuff like multiply matrices.

Here's a video showing how the matrix frames works, and how you can use it to change the puzzles or design your own teaching map.

The Matrix Adventure

The Matrix Adventure



The map was tested using minecraft 1.6.4, since that's the latest version supported by forge, and the map uses the mod (which is forge based).


Just extract the map into your Minecraft saved games directory. You might have to set /gamemode survival (not sure if I remembered to do that), but there are instructions on what to do in the map itself.